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Are you starting a new business—or thinking about it? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything you have to juggle and hard to know what’s the next best step to take. Entrepreneurs Assembly is a collaborative community of entrepreneurs and business founders who join forces at free monthly workshops in Reno, Tahoe, Carson, Las Vegas and Henderson with the express purpose of helping grow successful businesses.

Entrepreneurs Assembly (EA) understands that the choice to strike out on your own often makes no sense to family and friends who only see the crazy hours, the stress, and the risks—never the payoff of setting your own course and realizing a dream. We know exactly how it feels, and those of us who have successfully graduated from the ultimate school of personal development want to help you get there, too.

99% of people who have a business idea don’t know how to get started. We know what it’s like to have something you love to do and not know how to make something of it. We also know that having an idea doesn’t mean you have a business, and that solopreneurs who operate alone in the dark and refuse to ask for help will fail. Learning how and when to collaborate and trust other people is a crucial part of growing a business that thrives.

Feedback, Fellowship, and Friends

EA fills a unique role in Northern Nevada’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. We have a simple goal: To help you take the right next step, wherever you are in your business development. Come once or come for months—or years. Because each entrepreneur faces unique opportunities and challenges, each moves at their own pace. You are welcome wherever you are. EA will help you gain confidence to know how to grow your company and competence in making the high-risk decisions that drive it forward.

Our roundtable sessions are directed by Mentors, veteran business founders with deep expertise in specific fields. Mentors serve as guides, not taskmasters telling you what to do, and can see where you are and the right path forward. Apply to become a mentor.

We Have a Plan to Grow Your Business

EA has designed a step-by-step roadmap, that, if you choose to follow it, will move your business forward with clear steps you can check off and metrics that confirm your progress. The first phase is always learning how to present your idea, validating it, and making sure you’ve got customers who will pay for it. Our lively roundtable sessions have Mentors and peers who offer each entrepreneur their attention, feedback and ideas. Whichever phase of business development you’re in, that feedback will help you figure out if you need to Punt (scrap that idea), Pivot (refine or tweak your direction), or Proceed—go full steam ahead!

New or evolving entrepreneurs stay with the roundtables as long as they need the support. Entrepreneurs who have reached the funding phase may be better served by one of our EA Platinum Programs. Contact us for more information about the program here.

Where are you in the entrepreneurial journey?

Solo Local

You’re starting or growing a local business on your own

Team Local

You’re starting or growing a local business with partners or employees

Solo Scaled

You’re starting or growing a scalable business on your own

Team Scaled

You’re starting or growing a scalable business with partners or employees







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