Starting Or Growing A Small Business Is A Goal Any Entrepreneur Can Achieve

Starting a small business, or growing one, can be a little daunting. However, it is the most rewarding task you will ever undertake. Making something like this happen just requires the right team in your corner. Entrepreneurs Assembly is that team!  We are a group of business mentors and business owners dedicated to educating and facilitating entrepreneurs in starting a business and growing their businesses. 

Entrepreneurs Assembly Offers Experienced Business Advice for FREE

Whether you need to know how to start a business, or you want help with operations, we are here to empower you every step of the way. Attend a monthly roundtable session to begin your journey toward starting a small business.

    1. Review Your Business Idea

    It is the first step for every entrepreneur. Providing a comprehensive analysis of your business, or business idea is just the first layer.  Behind that, we need to figure out what kind of entrepreneur are you. Are you looking for a lifestyle business? Or do you want something that is high growth? Or are you a combination of the two? Once this has been established, one of our business mentors will help you to flesh out your start-up business idea. This full-fledged business plan will start you on the path to starting a small business. If you already have a business, then you will begin to see it grow in ways you never thought possible.

    1. Provide Actionable Business Building Steps

    Just when you thought you were done with homework, Entrepreneurs Assembly offers up a roundtable reality check. Each business idea requires its own set of unique steps to bring into revenue.  During the roundtable sessions, the business mentors at EA can help identify those steps and explain them in a clear concise manner. We’ll guide you through business development, business management, market research, product development, financing, and advertising, but it is up to you to make sure those goals are achieved.

    1. Review Of Goals & Course Corrections

    On the road to successfully starting your own business, you are going to encounter obstacles. We encourage you to attend the EA roundtable sessions monthly in order to mitigate these bumps in the road. Focusing on certain aspects of your business might cause you to neglect other areas. The business mentors are there to help you maintain focus on the bigger picture and just certain aspects. Change is inevitable in the world of entrepreneurs. We can help you change for the positive.

    1. Continued Support 

    If you’ve taken the right steps then your business has a long and prosperous life ahead of it. Entrepreneurs Assembly was established in 2011 and we plan on guiding entrepreneurs for many years to come. On the entrepreneur’s road, you will see highs and you will see lows. Just know that EA will be here to help you and your business for as long as you need our assistance.

    1. Networking Opportunities

    Entrepreneurs come together from all kinds of disciplines and industries at EA. This mix of business owners and mentors provide a unique perspective at each roundtable session. It also provides a unique opportunity for networking. The attendees at the roundtable sessions may not need your services, but they might know someone that does. So, don’t forget your business cards.

Starting A Small Business Has Never Been Easier

Since our inception, Entrepreneurs Assembly has educated, mentored, and coached over 1000 up-and-coming business owners.  Some of these entrepreneurs have continued on to create thriving small businesses. If history has shown us anything it is that the economy will not always flourish. We have always held firm to the belief that entrepreneurial small businesses are the future of the global economy.

We are dedicated to seeing the success of small businesses and helping those that want to start a business. We’ve never asked for a dime from these entrepreneurs. We only ask they do their part to make our community amazing. We have roundtable sessions located in Reno, Carson City, Las Vegas, Incline Village, Henderson, and South Lake Tahoe.