How Do I Start My Own Business?

Have you ever asked this question? Have you ever said, “I want to start my own business”? Then you might be ready to attend an Entrepreneurs Assembly roundtable. Starting your own business means taking control of your time and more importantly your money. It is the American dream to be able to provide for yourself and your family and still be your own boss. A start-up business takes an idea, a little bit of luck, and a whole lot of perseverance.

Are you :

  • Community member who has a great idea or some entrepreneurial education?
  • Student enrolled in entrepreneurial programs from UNR, TMCC, or Sierra Nevada College, or other schools?
  • Jump Start program graduate?
  • NSBDC’s NxLevel graduate?
  • Business Plan competitor – Sontag, Project Vesto, or Governor’s Cup?

Then Entrepreneurs Assembly Can Help You with Starting a Business.

Do You Have an Idea to Start a Business?

You know that your business idea can change the world. People will come stampeding and there will be one in every home in America.  You’re sick of the daily grind. You keep telling yourself, “I need to start my own business.” But, you’ve been stymied by the same thing so many would be entrepreneurs get stuck on… the beginning. So, you’re left wondering how to start a business.

The roundtables at Entrepreneurs Assembly are working sessions that provide you a confidential, integrated, systemic plan and path toward your successful business launch. Our business mentors offer the best practices for navigating the hurdles in starting a successful business. These successful entrepreneurs donate their time to assist with this one of a kind business incubator.

The entrepreneurs that attend these roundtable sessions come from multiple disciplines and industries such as healthcare, web services, consulting, solar energy, business and personal products, cell phone apps, and many others. They offer advice on business plans, a marketing plan, financials, and market research.  Will your idea be next?

Entrepreneurs Assembly will have you saying, “I can start my own business!”

Just anybody can benefit from the wisdom, guidance, and advice from the business mentors and other entrepreneurs. Our peer to peer accountability system has you working alongside other business owners as you move forward with your dream. You will be able to watch, encourage, and learn from these other entrepreneurs just as they will be learning from you and your business plans.

Entrepreneurs Assembly has Roundtables Located Near You

There are six chapters across Nevada for you to start, develop, and succeed with your business idea.

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