An EA Mentor Is So Much More Than A Business Mentor

A business mentor is someone who can share wisdom on an ongoing basis in a way that will impact the growth of your business positively. The mentors at Entrepreneurs Assembly go above and beyond this definition. EA mentors are skilled business people who volunteer their expertise in business formation and funding, strategic planning, management, and technical fields. Most notably these mentors provide candid appraisals of entrepreneurs and their ventures. Join us and sit down with one at a roundtable session.

Qualities Of An E.A. Mentor

  • Knowledgeable – They are considered experts in their fields

  • Compassionate – Whatever point you are in your business they’ve been there

  • Inspirational – They help you remember why you started

  • Determined – E.A. Mentors want to see you succeed

  • Challenging – They are there to see your business reach new heights.

Roll Up Your Sleeves & Sit Down With A Business Mentor

Each roundtable session provides you with a one on one opportunity to discuss your progress, your course corrections, and your new monthly goals. An EA Mentor doesn’t hold business hours and they don’t charge for their time. They are men and women who feel that the success of their community depends on entrepreneurs. These business mentors hold firmly to the belief that small business is the future of the global economy. They will do whatever it takes to empower business owners and educate them on how to start a business and get it to thrive.

Accountability is one of the largest hurdles to starting a business. An entrepreneur can talk about a business idea all day, but until they hold themselves accountable for those words nothing will happen. An EA mentor is not only ready to get down in the trenches of your business, but they are going to hold you accountable for every one of your stated goals.

The Mentors at Entrepreneurs Assembly Come From All Walks Of Life

Our business mentors are serial entrepreneurs, CFOs, small business owners, corporate CEOs, marketing executives, sales managers, and many more. They hale from industries like online marketing, landscaping, technology, investing, personal products, and consulting just name a few. They all come together after embracing their dreams, standing up, and saying, “I want to start my own business.” Each mentor brings their own “flavor” to a roundtable discussion. Taking the time to work with more than one can help you build all the areas of your business.

These experts of the business world have advice on a broad range of topics to start your business or grow one. As business owners themselves, they can guide you through business management, business development, financing, marketing, staffing, business plans, or product development.

Find a Roundtable Session Near You

If you would like to sit down with a business mentor, roundtable sessions are located across Nevada. We have six locations for your convenience. Depending on your location you can attend a roundtable in Include Village, Reno, Las Vegas, Henderson, South Lake Tahoe, or Carson City.

You won’t need anything, but a desire to start a business and the gumption to learn everything there is to know about starting a business.

Building Business From The Idea Up
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