We’re A Virtual Business Incubator That Grows Your Business

As an established entrepreneur you’ve achieved an important milestone, revenue generation. A business incubator can help you generate even more. Entrepreneurs Assembly is a non-profit organization that helps established and start-up businesses to develop successfully. We provide guidance on all aspects of building your business such as business management, business development, market planning, or market research just to name a few.  

A Business Incubator Can Help Any Kind Business

Entrepreneurs Assembly conducts monthly business owner to business owner roundtables. Each of these sessions provides you a confidential, integrated, systemic plan and path toward successful business growth and business management. Our business mentors are local entrepreneurs who donate their time to help small business owners start a business or develop one. They donate their time because they want to see their communities grow and flourish through assistance with starting a business.

 The business owners and mentors that attend these roundtable sessions come from multiple disciplines and industries such as marketing, accounting, investing, healthcare, web services, consulting, personal products, and many others. At the EA business incubator roundtables, ideas are exchanged on various subjects such as business models, market research and customer development, marketing and financial plans, and team building.  How do you want your business to develop?

A Business Incubator Helps with All Areas of Your Business

Every business has areas in need of improvement. For some entrepreneurs it isn’t revenue that is the problem. It can be staffing, operational management, or even legal troubles that plague your company. Whatever the case may be, the mentor network at Entrepreneurs Assembly can point you in the direction of your desired solution.  Starting your own business was only the beginning. In order to stay in business, you must learn to adapt and leverage your strengths and you will become a sustainable entity.