The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Regional Leaders Center has invited local Entrepreneurs Assembly Founder Matt Westfield and Board of Director Member Dave Croasdell to visit the Regional West Africa Centers to help train and promote entrepreneurship to young leaders.  The goal is to be of service by providing expertise in entrepreneurial education through lectures, workshops and panel discussions.  The educational workshops will focus on the steps for launching startups, hosting entrepreneurial roundtable discussions and other startup best practices.  The goal is to help Young African Leaders form affiliate Entrepreneurs Assembly Chapters in their local communities to share knowledge and promote a supportive learning environment for entrepreneurship.  

The journey to West Africa will take place this May thanks to a grant from the Mandela Washington Fellowship.  Matt and Dave are honored to help Africa continue to build their economy.  For both it’s a love and a passion to spread entrepreneurship.  They will visit Senegal, Guinea-Bissau and Ghana sharing their knowledge and helping these countries address foundational issues and bringing resources to cities.  In Africa, there is a strong interest in social entrepreneurship, a need to empower women business owners and to create wealth.

The Entrepreneurs Assembly (EA) has been cultivating chapters in Africa since 2015.  Sponsored by the Mandela Washington Fellowship program for the last two years, 25 young African Leaders attended a six-week Business and Entrepreneurship program at UNR.  Part of the Entrepreneurship program included an opportunity for the Fellows to participate in EA’s EASI workshops.  Because of the genuine interest the Fellows responded by continuing to work the program and eventually start their own chapters when arriving home.  There are currently five countries that have formed affiliate EA Chapters: Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.