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Built By Entrepreneurs, Led By Entrepreneurs For The Benefit Of Entrepreneurs

Are You an Entrepreneur? Are You:

  • Thinking of starting a business?
  • Unsure of Where to Begin when Starting a Business?
  • Struggling to Grow Your Business?
  • Overwhelmed by Your New Business?
  • Finding too Many Things to do at Once?
  • Not Sleeping at Night Due to Business Worry?

Then you are one of the entrepreneurs that are ready to join the business mentor based award-winning program offered by Entrepreneurs Assembly! Our teams of business mentors can guide you through starting your own business, business planning, financing, product development, and business management. 

Our Program Focuses On:

  • Expansion of New Business Ideas
  • Problem Solving
  • Company Goals & Strategies
  • Overall Entrepreneur Support

Our business mentors are community leaders and businesspeople. They want to help foster a dynamic roundtable format that generates productive and lively discussions on how to start a business and grow one. Everyone who participates leaves with a plan of action for the month ahead. The whole idea is to “work on your business, not in your business.” EA provides a safe, confidential environment to share concerns and challenges and help generate solutions when starting a small business.

Who Can Join Entrepreneurs Assembly?

A small business, a start-up business, and anyone working on a business idea are welcome to join. You don’t have to live in Reno or Sparks to participate. You don’t even have to commit to attending every session. Each participant discusses their business challenges.  Your peers, as well as the business mentor in each roundtable, provide feedback, resources, connections, and encouragement. At the end, you will leave with your “marching orders,”. These are your crucial deliverables for the next 30 days that you know will help your business move forward. When you come back the following month you will report on your progress of these goals. EA is unique in that it helps provide accountability and direction. This, in turn, will help you make rapid progress on your goals.

This is not intended to be a traditional networking or leads group. These may be by-products of our interaction, but not this is not the prime purpose of Entrepreneurs Assembly. You are welcome to bring business cards, but we ask that all participants respect the non-promotional environment. Let’s focus on making our businesses succeed.