EASI Workshops

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Entrepreneurs AssemblyStartup Incubator (EASI) Workshops

EASI Workshops provide you a confidential, integrated, systemic plan and path toward your successful business launch. EASI Workshops provide you the best practices for navigating the hurdles in creating a successful business.

Our EA Entrepreneurs span multiple disciplines and industries such as health care, web services, consulting, solar energy, business and personal products, cell phone apps, and many others. Will your business idea be next?

Each monthly EASI Workshop provides a secure opportunity for you to set and accomplish new goals in moving your business forward. During the EASI Workshops you receive support from experienced mentors and your peers on your business.

Who can benefit from EASI participation?

In general, anyone who is passionate about creating a real business from idea to launch:

  • Community members who have some entrepreneurial education.
  • Students enrolled in entrepreneurial courses at UNR, TMCC, Sierra Nevada College, or other schools.
  • Jump Start program graduates.
  • Anyone enrolled in a Nevada Small Business Development Center NxLevel class.
  • Business Plan competitors – Sontag, Project Vesto, Governor’s Cup, etc.

How will you benefit from a EASI Workshop?

Each participant will forward their business idea through a disciplined process, facilitated by mentors and peers. Each month there will be ‘homework’ assigned, completed, and reviewed. By sticking through this regimented process, the probability of your success will be significantly higher than those that do not proceed.

EASI Workshop Locations

EASI Workshops are expanding! Check out our workshop schedule on the Chapters page!